Cannonballista is my explosive new solo show. 

It is a bringing together of interactive installation, performance and socially engaged practice. This performance; intimate and bijou, bizarre and beautiful brings together cannons, sheds and high heels in way that has never been seen before... 

The work has been inspired by fifteen years of working with with women with and without mental health issues. It is a celebration of overcoming, of everyday triumphs and sadness. In the run up to the show I invite women from each location to join in an intensive four day workshop process  in which I share my processes and practice.  They each create pieces and characters which then feature in the final show. It is a solo show with a cast of many!

My alter ego Betty Bruiser is a human cannonball artist and this is what happens when I wrote a show for her. 

The process for devising this work has been supported by Arnolfini, Arts Council England and many of my peers along the way. You can see some other films featuring Betty's strange obsessions here.

Cannonballista has shown at the Arnolfini and Trinity, Bristol with tour dates to be announced.

Venues and promoters can download the marketing pack by clicking the download at the bottom of this page.

Cannonballista at Trinity (short) from liz clarke on Vimeo.


What People Said About Cannonballista

‘Everything was amazing – the costumes, the lighting – everything. Everyone has ‘stuff’ we need to deal with and get out. This show sums it up'

‘I was humbled by the honesty and presence of the participants.’

‘There’s a piece of me that is Betty Bruiser’

' I can't begin to describe how important this project has been to me.''

Image credits: Vonalina Cake photography & Paul Blakemore