Betty's Banter (Pt 2)

Intrepid reporter Lowri caught up with Betty earlier this week and managed to capture this rare interview with Betty Bruiser

L: We heard you have a secret gun powder recipe - can you tell us more?

B: My lips are sealed on this one I’m afraid. So many of my rivals would do anything to get their hands on it! Needless to say it is a concoction of the finest ingredients, blended with my unique method and precise scientific skill. During my training at NASA I came into contact with some very rare materials indeed. But, I have already said too much. 

L: What’s kept in this shed of yours?

B: The shed is my HQ. It’s where the magic happens. You’ve heard of a man cave right? Well, this is more of a Super Hero She Shed. I’ve got it all in there, my constructions, experiments, my side projects. Not to mention the extensive archives of my glittering career, my walk in wardrobe and a hot tub. 

L: Have you had any brushes with the law?

B: Well, you can’t achieve legendary status without one or two little frissons can you?! I’ve a lifetime ban from Caldicot Castle for and I quote ”causing a public nuisance by cavorting on public property” Public nuisance? Public service I say! 

L: Tell us about all the medals you’ve won for cannonballing
B: Too many to mention! The walls of the Shed are positivly groaning. Of course, there was that incident in 1994 where I  was stripped of my title for supposed foul play, but please, don’t mention that.

L: What do you think about Liz’s work?
B: Oh her? It’s OK. She gets a bit serious sometimes, you know, wanting to rehearse and stuff like that. I mean, I don’t need a script and the audience love me. Her work would be a bit dull if I wasn’t around. She always manages to get earth into it somehow, no idea why.

L: What can we expect from the show?
B: So glad you asked me that! Well, this show is my biggest, most glittering, daring and fantastic feat yet! You can expect high octane fabulousness darling, nothing less!