Hanham Week Four



A cat’s whisker in a mobile phone case


A crystal with healing powers


A pen handcrafted by a late husband


A wedding ring


A set of keys


A necklace




Last week I asked the group to each bring  object of personal significance to today’s session.

Through a series of exercises we learned  of their relevance and the stories behind the objects.


Tender, funny, sad; the group shared performance moments and again the participants grew in trust and understanding of one another.


In thinking more about our alternative tours we mixed fantasy and reality and explored questions of audience, shared experience and truth.




Somewhere in the library:


A woman searches frantically for her keys. They represent her freedom.


A man hands out homebrew to the audience whist reminiscing about mixing alcohol with cheap jam


A woman in overalls shouts from the roof where she is working


A man cuts out a pattern for short trousers as  a wartime tune plays softly in the background


Our tours are intimate, otherworldly,anarchic and beautiful.


I can’t wait to see what emerges in the next two weeks.