Let Them Eat Bubble Baths

There's a lot of talk around about self care in the arts isn't there?

Headlines of How to avoid burn out as an artist, or Creative burn out is inevitable, 10 tips on how to beat it etc

Important stuff for sure; I've gained alot from finding a meditation practice and realising that I need to retreat from the city and swim in the sea every few weeks. 


What about the system that we're working in? How is it sustaining and nurturing the trajectories of artists to ensure a healthy, thriving and supported community and pool of artists now and in the future? Do arts organisations have any duty towards supporting this community? Can we talk about power balance? Can we talk about heirarchy?

Earlier in the year I attended the IETM weekend in Hull https://www.ietm.org/en as a Theatre Bristol Agent. The experience was interesting! I'll be bringing back some of the learning, experiences and observations from my time there a informal and friendly gathering next month.

Event Page Here

In this get together we'll be splashing around in the murky but deliciously scented waters between self care and shared responsibility.

Inspired by some of the key notes, workshops and performances of my time at IETM earlier in the year (notably Jess Thom, The Money and CandoCo) we will share what we currently do as artists and as a community of artists to support ourselves and each other. I'll bring back some of my learning and ideas from the various IETM sessions I attended and we'll widen the lens to ask 'What do we need from arts organisations in order to survive and thrive as artists?
We will consider radical action.

There will be a picnic.

Please bring something small and sharable for lunch.