Well, you think you know someone, then they put a silver cape on and become a poet! 

Just our usual Tuesday here at Staple Hill library. There were impromptu congas on pedestrian crossings, cross dressing, dressing up, up to mischief goings on....

I have been blown away by these last six weeks and the people I have met. Stories heard, tears shed, hands held, imaginations unleashed. I will never forget images painted from memories shared: D as a young woman up scaffolding working on a roof to the astonishment of men below, the dances she danced through life with beauty and poise, the way C turned a design on his coffee cup into a metaphor for community, fellowship and friendship; coach trips, car trips, walks through life. Our little groups have spawned friendships as well as creativity and so we have opened out the artists residency to include more group input as we turn all of the wonderful material we have generated in the groups into an artwork. 

Our 'Passports of the Imagination' are coming on beautifully and will be ready in a few weeks; just in time for our public showing of the work. 

Here are some videos which were made during the process at Staple Hill


RE:MAPPING Butter Dish from liz clarke on Vimeo.

RE:MAPPING: Passport of the Imagination Interview from liz clarke on Vimeo.

RE:MAPPING: Passport of the Imagination short from liz clarke on Vimeo.