This week another fascinating exploration of explorings and journey makings.

We spoke of our favourite journeys and compared transport choices to life style choices. Taking Van Gogh as our inspiration on the subject of rowing boats, we spoke of everything from being un-anchored in life to being stranded on a shore and ways and means of getting around this quandry.

All in all we had both a very philosophical morning and afternoon! From riding a pedal bike outside of time, to how one piece of string can save us from many a mishap, the group bonded fondly over tea and choccie biccys. In fact, all participants seem to have the measure of each other and rather enjoy each others' company.

This became even more apparent in our later exercise of  making up luggage labels so we could take (perhaps only in our memories or imagination) our most treasured object on our imaginary group holiday to a south sea island.

It would seem that the morning group would take

3x teddies
1 radio
1 journal
1  video recorder
1 daughter
1 piece of string

with all those packed we should be prepared for anything!

... So it seems we are very open now to the idea of journeying together by now, so let's see where next week's sessions take us!