Ladies and Gentlemen; you are here tonight to witness an Amazing, an Incredible and a Death Defying Feat. She’s a renegade mechanic, an altruistic megalomaniac and The World’s only one- woman-husband and-wife team. With 50% extra Extra, I give you: The mistress of contradiction herself….  Ms Betty Bruiser!

Cannonballista is the explosive new solo show by Liz Clarke exploring grief, coping mechanisms and things we do to get us through. Betty (Liz’s Super Hero Alter Ego) has been present in her life for a good few years now. And Betty thinks it’s about time she had her own show. This highly charged performance will to bring together; a cannon, a shed, and impossibly high heels, in ways that have never been witnessed before! It also features (if Betty gets her way); the biggest feat of her career and costume changes a plenty, topped off with a huge dollop of glitz.


Liz  specializes in working with people who do not normally access the arts, especially people with lived experience of mental health.  In the run up to the show, Liz will share her practice and creative process, in a series of workshops for women. Using themes from the show participants will discover their own Super Hero Alter Ego - the parts of ourselves that are extraordinary, untapped and unexpected. The workshops are designed for women with and without mental health issues who want to further their performance experience.



 You can see some other films featuring Betty's strange obsessions here.

Cannonballista has shown at the Arnolfini and Trinity, Bristol with tour dates this autumn in Wales and the South West

Venues and promoters can download the marketing pack by clicking the download at the bottom of this page.

Cannonballista at Trinity (short) from liz clarke on Vimeo.


What People Said About Cannonballista

‘Everything was amazing – the costumes, the lighting – everything. Everyone has ‘stuff’ we need to deal with and get out. This show sums it up'

‘I was humbled by the honesty and presence of the participants.’

‘There’s a piece of me that is Betty Bruiser’

' I can't begin to describe how important this project has been to me.''

Image credits: Vonalina Cake photography & Paul Blakemore