Construction Site

Part one-to-one, part hyper inflated stage show, Construction Site invites the audience to re-construct the artist as a super engendered being! Using costume to inform a fictional character, the audience member is encouraged to construct backstories, histories and psyches for this fictional being, before adorning the body with the identity.

This multi layered 'She' is then released onto the stage. Concerned with the Real and the Fabled constructs of genders, Construction Site continues my investigations into the HyperFemale character, the Drag of the Everyday and the mixing of live art and cabaret forms. There may be some balloons. 

Construction Site was commissioned as part of Beacons, Icons & Dykons

Liz makes performance that undoes the spectacle she initially creating something very fragile and honest. Her artistic voice is unique and transformative; not only to the actions and performance she undertakes but how this voice effects her audiences. Tom Marshman, curator of BID