Filth Queen

'The Filth Queen of the Transgressive Scene' BBC 

I love this title that was bestowed on me by a breakfast show presenter no less!

Filth Queen has shown at the Cube, Duckie, and many cabaret events. First commissioned by Beacons Icons & Dykons as an homage to the ‘Prince of Filth’ John Waters.

Filth Queen bathes in a bathtub of eggs, to a lavish soundtrack of music and text. Suitably cleansed and covered in detritus, the performer takes to the mic and sings a torch song to her disgraceful lover; the audience. The piece is messy, decadent and disgusting. Influenced by the veneer and personas of drag the piece questions ideals and assumptions of femininity in a gently humorous way.

Barbara Droth made this cute short film of the show at Mayfest.