I Tattooed My Baby

A performance by Liz Clarke and Ione Council (9 months)

‘You know the type of Ink. A huge clipper ship advancing, masts a flutter. It was amazing; the best thing I’d ever done…Until I woke up.’

In this short piece; part monologue, part confessional, part crèche Clarke invites the audience to consider the rights of the very young and the acceptable (or not) faces of motherhood.

Playing with questions of audience expectations, collusion and culpability, she may not be able to squeeze into the neon blue lame of pre pregnancy; but here, metaphorically at least she reshapes it, sews in a feeding bra and a modesty panel and is good to go.

No babies or mothers were harmed during the making of this performance.

I Tattooed My Baby was shown at the Tobacco Factory as a work in progress. I've been to knackered to do it again.

Image credit: Joseph Turp Photography

What People Said About I Tattooed My Baby

I found the contrast between the 'Mum' and 'Stage' presence fascinating.

Poetic & honest. It shed light on acceptable and non acceptable perceptions of motherhood. 

Warm and funny.

Liz, you have the most fabulous legs!