The Last Trick

The Last Trick is a series of performances and interventions. I think it was one of my first forays into performing with balloons! 

It’s an inflatable musing on promise and absence, leaving and loss, revelation and secrecy. All in electric blue.  It uses medicalized equipment juxtaposed with symbols of frivolity, entertainment and fun. With echoes of balloon strip tease, there is no strip here and definitely no tease. The balloons haave been pierced onto the body giving a new dimension to a 'balloon pop' routine.

The body is in turn vulnerable and strong; the transformations in the piece question the gaze of the viewer, presenting  a pathos and a striking silent narrative. 

The Last Trick has been performed at Beacons Icons & Dykons, ]Performance Space[ , the Cube Cinema, In Between Time Party, and Igor Corvette's Dirty Little Secret.


What People Said About The Last Trick

Glamour is torn down through repetition, the opening of the skin and the flooding of the space with water, glitter and discarded ephemera. Clarke’s work invokes a perfectly balanced combination of sex, death and transposed trauma.​ Nick Kilby, Glorious Trauma

Distubing, Boyz Magazine



The Last Trick (3) from liz clarke on Vimeo.