Producer Call Out - Liz Clarke is a Cyborg

I am looking for an experienced producer to join me on the start of this exciting project.

Liz Clarke is a Cyborg (working title) fuses live art, feminist theory, body modification, neurology, pervasive media and dreamscapes to explore the notion the cyborg through an artistic and personal lens.


Inspired by contemporary cyborgs who augment their bodies as an artistic response to neurological and medical conditions (Neil Harbisson, Chimera Rosa), I began to think about whether this radical approach could enable me to artistically respond to my diagnoses of prosopagnosia. This idea, coupled with clear visions for interactive performance pieces using sound technology and the Body form the basis of this R&D.


I will be talking to experts, devising performances and having minor surgeries to punctuate the journey.  I will be thinking about collective and personal rituals, and how automation might play a significant part in the future of human ritual.  I’ll be approaching this work in my individual style of cabaret, artifice, playfulness and connection. Starting from a place of scant technical knowledge, I’ll be taking audiences on personal journeys through this new territory.


I am looking for someone to join me on this exciting and unknown journey; an experienced producer who is able to hold the vision for this piece of work, to scope new partners and possibilities and support me in the direction and delivery of Liz Clarke is a Cyborg


The right person will relish coming in at the start of this project and getting stuck in; contributing your creative voice, experience and wisdom to shaping the work. Well connected, you will have ideas of exciting trajectories for this piece and be able to develop partnerships and platforms for the work’s growth. You will oversee the finances and delivery of the project and be active in supporting me to fundraise. 


The producer will also support me strategically in growing Liz Clarke & Company. You will be highly motivated and experienced in company development. You will understand and practice the balance of offering challenge to an artist to enable them to grow; and holding supportive space for ideas to flourish.