St Judy

'Well a diva a day Keeps the boredom away I love 'em when they throw up their arms... They may find me on a hotel floor High heels in a pool of gore Curtains closed And a bolted door…'

The piece is a transformative jaunt of a journey inspired by sailors’ shore leave, burial at sea glitz and driftwood.The Body becomes a site for a gentle parody of the sexualization of the male and the female body through stature, heels and videotape... This piece has been shown as a four hour and one hour durational piece.

Performed at Aeon, Bristol, Shunt, London and Glorious Trauma, Leeds.

What People Said About St Judy

It was fascinating watching this develop and I really couldn't tear myself away, it was like being hypnotized. The quality and sincerity of her work is astounding.​ Paul Wilde

Her work has a generosity and intimacy that seems able to reach across audiences. Dr Paul Hurley