Dedication from a Mother to her Young


From a white sheet shielding myself from my own glistening insides; a 4lb thing was held aloft. Whisked away for rubbing, checking; so tiny he couldn't breathe unaided.

He mewed, quiet but strong, like a kitten. We named him Felix.

I am a mother tiger, or a cat

You might have met him.

He’s deep, hilarious, ridiculous.

We mostly get on fine.

Sometimes we know what the other is thinking

(him: making stuff, me: dinner)

He gives me ideas and bizarre suggestions.

I am a mother axolotl or a starfish

So fierce is my love it throws me.

I am a mother lion, or a bear

He winds me up like crazy with his incessant chatter

His selective deafness


Unfathomable defiance of sleep.

I am a mother owl or a dormouse

His level of questioning is intense.

What is Energy?

Why do people believe in god?

What do eyeballs taste like?

I am a mother crow or a squirrel

We tried it, the eye lick. The verdict?


I want to preserve his freedom, his spontaneity, his adoration of life.

I am a mother chimp, or a panda

Now though, he applies my make up with grubby fingers liberally to his face and mine

And dances me dervish-like through the kitchen to songs I would never choose.

I am a mother stoat or a rattlesnake

I watch with amazement, amusement, as he becomes the person he is becoming. Holding his small, dirty hand in mine, I smile.

I am a mother unicorn, or a chimera


photo credit: Carl Newland