This week our guest blogger is Yate Library.


Oh Hello Third Session! Come in, come in. My doors are shut today, you’ll have to make your entrance round the back. Ahhh, yes, I remember you from last season! You’re the one where things fall into place aren’t you? Good to see you again.

No, no; you’re right on time. Mind my shelves, don’t send the books crashing dow… too late. That’s ok, I can recategorize them later.

Yeah, it’s been great so far, your cousins Session One & Two have been a blast.  You should see what they got up to in here. Book dominos, feathers everywhere. Well, yes now you mention it, Session One, she’s amazing but IS a bit excitable.  Session Two, he was fun, a bit germy though. I had to get the anti-bac out and have a good old wipe around the surfaces. But you, my friend, you’re quite the magical one aren’t you?

Where are you going? To the Fiction section? No? Oh! Audio Books? That’s novel! (Sorry, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to make that joke. It’s not often anyone lets a library write a blog. Maybe that’s why.) Audio Books- Downloading knowledge through your senses was what one of your participants said. Clever lot aren’t they? Bit feisty too some of them! Ahhhhh, The audio book, first piloted in 1931, early recordings featured a chapter from Helen Keller’s Midstream  and Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven...

Hello? Hello? Session Three? Can you hear me? I said THE AUDIO BOOK, FIRST PILOTED IN 1931, EARLY RECORDINGS…. Oh, I see. Not listening. Not listening because, ahhhhhhh ok. You are plugged in and listening to someone else’s story. What did you chose? Bridget Jones??! @!***!% Well, there’s no accounting for taste! I could say what I like now- you can't hear me.

Session Three, will you come and sit down? Your tea’s going stone cold. I can’t keep up with you. Where are you now? I can’t see you. What are you doing? Are you in the Children’s Section? I can’t believe you’re trying to fit in there, that tunnel’s for children to play in. I know it’s got mirrors in it and feels a bit magical, Well, yes, I guess it would be kind of beautiful to have a story whispered to you in there but really… can we get back to doing some real work?  

You’re really into the audio books aren’t you Session Three. Are you thinking of creating one with your own special performance magic? Oh dear, I thought so.

If I remember rightly your cousin Session Four is a bit more sensibe, reigns in your ideas and gets on with making them happen.

Session Three, it’s been great having you. It seems to me that you really bring people together, make those all important connections and get people making stuff. Are you going to take that audio book out? There is a charge you know! Too late, she’s off. I don’t even know if she has  a library card. No regard for rules, that one…

Mind my shelves!  Don’t send the books crashing dow… too late. That’s ok, I can recategorize them later.