We watch a secret performance of books that are neatly stacked and ranged and then as onlookers glance over and upset the balance they fall like dominos - inspiring a song and a dance.  And then a one-on-one performance, of dreams, sleeping salts and gems that takes place  in a mirrored tunnel.


We made performances about feel good creatures who don’t care what they look like - we laughed out loud watching more transgressions in a library - we decided we could ‘be more dog’ in our own lives.  We journeyed into nature and escaped from the binds of words and dictionary definitions to spin around and be free.  We felt impressed and enlightened, more relaxed and welcomed.


And in the afternoon we share stories of our lives inspired by books we had chosen.  Small narratives quickly surprised us by becoming grand insights: Snowy the polar bear reminds me of the bear I had as a child - What is is to be beautiful and fierce?; Perhaps we should remember how small we are? I remember hanging upside down and being told don’t do that all the blood will rush to your head - I wonder what it would feel like to feel that free again?


We professed we weren’t imaginative before creating a performance of nothing and discussing the speed of light and equations that changed the world.  And just before we finished, another excuse, before standing up stretching out her arms, she creating a performance moment that brought tears to people’s eyes . . at the end of the day it’s love, that’s all that matters, love.  


This is better than being indoors all the time